Exclusively Arabian Show Halters

Beautiful Custom Halters for Exhibition, Show and Photographs


Welcome to Exclusively Arabian!

A few years ago, a friend of mine and I were bemoaning the fact that we wanted to take pictures of our horses that would truly show off their beautiful heads. We had both had cable halters break.  The beautiful native wool halters covered too much of our horses' exquisite heads and of course, the barn halters just looked clunky.

We decided to make halters for our horses that met our requirements for sturdiness, a range of pretty colors to choose from and a delicate beauty that belied their hidden strength.  We settled on an 800 pound test nylon cord, hand dyed, and covered with fine macrame braid. We added handmade polymer beads and tassles and voile! we had exactly what we wanted.  Later, when I decided to offer these special halters to the public, I made the tassles and throatlatch completely detachable and added a six foot matching lead.  With the throatlatch, the halters are show legal, but it can be removed for photos where the halter is unobtrusive.  The tassles can be left on for a native look or detached to make the halter very slim.  Either way, truly enhances that lovely Arabian head!